An Apology to Our Readers


Yesterday, we ran a post about the keynote speaker at this year’s WWDC, based on an old press release. (Apple has not yet announced who will be giving the keynote this year).

I apologize for this error. We don’t know quite how this slipped through, except that it was a result of a complete failure of our process.

So we’re reevaluating our processes, specifically in regard to fact-checking, and we’re going to make whatever changes are necessary to make sure something like this never gets published to our site again.

There is nothing more important to me, as an editor, than the relationship we have with our readers. We let you down here. We’ve learned our lesson, and we are taking steps to prevent this from happening again. We know it won’t be easy, but we will do everything in our power to restore your trust in us.


Brian S Hall

That was a gaffe. No doubt. Even the nice Apple guy at Fortune poked fun of you guys. But, shit happens. Everyone screws up at some point. Now it’s fixed. What’s great is that commenters quickly pointed it out and all other readers benefitted from that.


This post does much to restore your credibility.
The test of trust is not always as simple as one being accurate or not; but it always matters that one has integrity and the willingness to admit an error.
Nice job.

Nicole Solis

Thanks, Steve. The GigaOM edit staff, the Apple Blog writers, and I really appreciate that.

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