Explosion In Tablet Traffic Prompts Google’s AdMob To Launch New Ad Units

Google’s tablet software has yet to really make a dent in the market, but Apple’s iPad is attracting more and more users every day. In some ways, that’s not really a problem for Google: it controls the largest mobile advertising network, and now has new ad units designed specifically for tablets.

AdMob, the mobile advertising company Google (NSDQ: GOOG) acquired almost exactly a year ago, announced new ad units Wednesday that were designed with a tablet’s larger screen in mind and with touchscreen features that allow interactivity. There are also a new set of tools for application developers that let them incorporate the new formats into their tablet applications, and more details on those tools can be found here.

Google detected a 300 percent rise in traffic across AdMob’s ad network coming from tablets over the last six months, making it obvious why tablet-friendly ad formats should appeal to advertisers and developers. One of the problems with smartphone advertising is the extremely limited amount of space available to get one’s message across, and tablets give everyone a little more room with which to work. They’re also attractive given how they are used: most people use their tablets primarily for consuming media, according to a study out this week from Nielsen Norman Group.