VIDEOS: Google’s Energy Efficient Data Centers


Looks like Google (s GOOG) is becoming almost as open as Facebook when it comes to revealing the strategies and innovations it has developed around energy-efficient data centers. Here are a half-dozen videos Google released Tuesday morning — coinciding with its second annual data center summit in Zurich, Switzerland — which focus on the low-hanging fruit to create an energy-efficient data center:

How Google looks at PUE (an energy efficiency data center metric):

How Google manages air flow:

Google suggests running data centers at hotter temperatures, like 80 degrees:

Google turns to free cooling, or outside air, whenever possible:

Google seeks to optimize the power distribution for its data center, and saves $30 a year in energy costs per server just by joining the battery to the server, instead of using a centralized UPS system.

And finally, Google’s seawater-cooled data center (which I wrote about in depth here).

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