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Infographic: Apple App Store’s March to 500,000 Apps

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The number of apps approved for Apple’s iOS platform has exceeded 500,000 apps according to data collected by app discovery service 148apps, mobile gaming company, Chillingo and San Francisco-based app discovery company, Chomp. Currently, the Apple App Store has 400,000 apps available for download. Nearly 36 percent of all apps are free. Average paid app costs $3.64 per app. It would cost $891,982.24 to download all apps.

2 Responses to “Infographic: Apple App Store’s March to 500,000 Apps”

  1. Interesting that the average price for Apps stabilised within approximately 1 year of the App store launching – since that time the average price has not dropped (and if anything has slightly edged upwards). It allays some of the earlier worries from App developers that the App store pricing is a race to the bottom.

    Our startup – – tracks prices of Apps (for both iOS and Mac) and can email you whenever a price drop occurs for interested Apps. We’ve found that the majority of price drops are due to short time promotions and permanent price drops are a lot rarer.

  2. Lucian Armasu

    If the first lines are as confusing to others as they were to me, what I think it means is that there have been 500k apps ever created for iOS, but only 400k actually exist in the app store today (the other 100k have been either rejected or they gave up on developing them, etc)