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Cord Cutters: How to Turn Your Roku Into a DVR

Roku’s media player is a great device to watch content from Netflix and Hulu Plus on, but it lacks access to live TV — that is, unless you use a neat little hack to turn your Roku into a DVR that is capable of serving up live and archived broadcast content. Check it out:

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Are you doing unique and interesting things with your Roku DVR? Or maybe you own an EyeTV tuner and watch recordings on other devices? Please share your tips, tricks and experiences in the comments, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or email us at cordcutters @

10 Responses to “Cord Cutters: How to Turn Your Roku Into a DVR”

  1. Does this only work with the EyeTV? Does Roku have something similar for the HD Homerun devices or with other DVR software (Windows Media Center, SageTV, MythTV, etc)? I just set up a full-on HTPC, but a Roku that could work with an HD Homerun would be very interesting.

  2. ProgGrrl

    Intriguing! BUT – this video doesn’t say how to record shows… how are the show files named, is that automatic? Can it record things while you are away from it, or do you have to be home to hit record when the show starts, and hit stop when it’s over? One of the major functionalities of a real DVR is its ability to show you the entire day’s (week’s) TV schedule; you pick what you need; it does the rest. How much of that process can this hack actually handle?

    Anyhow, a great hack.

    • You mean to play content on your Roku? Depends on your router, I’d say. There are several channels that can stream content from your local network, but most of them either require a dedicated application installed on your computer, or files to be shared through a web server. Most routers don’t have web servers, but simply share as Windows (SMB) shares. You might be able to connect to the drive from your computer and then stream from there… it’s a good question though, I’ll look into it. Or maybe anyone else has any ideas?

  3. Shawn

    Does this work without a mac or an iphone? I have Nowhere in my channels, but I can’t figure out how to get live channels or how to make the dvr work.