Half A Million iOS Apps = The Longest Infographic You May Ever See


It looks like Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has passed another milestone in its march on the mobile industry. Three players in the app ecosystem have crunched some figures, and claim that Apple has now approved 500,000 apps for the iOS platform in 34 months since the App Store was launched. A long, but interesting infographic charts apps’ progress over that time:

The data — compiled by analytics company Chomp, blog 148apps.com and games developer Chillingo — has not been confirmed officially by Apple. We have contacted the company and will update with any response later. Apple has been in touch to confirm the last figure it publicly released: 350,000, so you might want to take the 500,000 figure with that grain of salt.

Today, there are around 400,000 apps available in Apple’s App Store — the lower number, writes Fortune, is due to “attritition, replacement and withdrawal”. The half-million milestone was reached around midnight on Tuesday.

In January, Apple said that some 10 billion apps had been downloaded from the App Store, a number that is likely to get updated at the Apple WWDC event in June.

Worth noting that Apple today is still the market leader when it comes to apps, although Google’s Android Market is giving it a run for its money — at least where app numbers are concerned; profitability is another question (Apple has cornered the market on that, at least where devices are concerned).

Distimo notes that today the Market already has more free apps than the App Store — 134,342 compared to 121,845 — and predicts that by September of this year the Android Market will surpass the App Store in terms of number of apps.

But that’s a number to revisit in September. Today, we can, unofficially, celebrate the half-million mark on iOS, complete with timeline of key events and best-sellers:

A link to the higher-resolution, full-size chart is here.



——September of this year the Android Market will surpass the App Store in terms of number of apps—–

this is also incorrect,  Android does not have even 100,000 Total unique ANdroid apps,  see the App genome project,  which counted all the apps in the Android market place in the US,  in feb,   

this shows 88,000 unique Android apps,   there are many many android market places that are not in the US,  however this same project shows 40% doublication,  and 3% malware in these stores…   and they are not nearly as big…

and unless you think the Android market will double in the next three months or triple,  they are not going to have 500,000 apps as Apple will in July….  so that firm who has been wrong in the past,  are going to be wrong again.


——- take the 500,000 figure with that grain of salt.——-
or you could just go count them,  there is a site that lists out all the available unique apps for both the iphone and ipad,   “iphone application list dot com”  (look at numbers of pages, and multiply by number of apps per page)

and they list out more than 430,000 apps,   ( i think apple will announce when it hits 500,000,  which should be in july or so)….


The current number of apps in the store is now over 395,000. There are a number of sites that track this on a realtime basis. Going by that, there are also over 94,000 iPad apps, many of them universal.

Ingrid Lunden

Clearly, there are some different takes on how many apps there are in the App Store today — the research cited in this post (from Chomp etc.) doesn’t measure active apps but the number of apps that have been approved by Apple since the store opened for business 34 months ago. As for Distimo–those are projections based on the the pace of app growth. A legitimate enough assertion — we’ll know how accurate it is in September, as I wrote above!

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