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Foursquare Checks Into INQ’s Cloud Touch; New Home Screen Planned

INQ’s social-phone strategy is getting another outlet: it’s working with location-services juggernaut Foursquare on a version of its Cloud Touch phone that has a custom Foursquare home page for checking into your favorite venues.

The Android-based Cloud Touch, also known as the Facebook phone, ships with a customized Facebook home page rather than the basic application that most Android users have that their disposal. Now the company plans to add a second page dedicated to Foursquare, it announced at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference Monday. It sounds like the Foursquare implementation is designed as a supplement to the Facebook home page, as opposed to plans to market a completely separate “Foursquare phone.”

The Cloud Touch was announced in February and began shipping last month in the U.K. It’s an interesting take on the Android concept, ditching almost all of the usual look and feel of the home screen in favor of the Facebook design, yet the phone can still access the Android Market and run any number of applications.