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TiVo Finally Adding Hulu Plus, Giving Away 6 Months Free

It looks like TiVo (s TIVO) is finally adding Hulu Plus to the list of online video services available through its DVRs. And based on promotional materials spotted in some Best Buy (s BBUY) stores, TiVo is offering up six free months of the Hulu Plus service to new customers. [Hat tip to Zatz Not Funny!]

TiVo was one of the first manufacturers to announce a partnership with Hulu, but it’s taken a while for the DVR maker to actually add the service to its products. Since the subscription video service’s launch late last year, it has become available on the iPad, iPhone (s AAPL) and select Android mobile devices, as well as TVs and Blu-ray players from Samsung, Sony (s SNE) and Vizio, Roku broadband set-top boxes and the Microsoft Xbox 360 (s MSFT) and Sony Playstation 3 (s SNE) game consoles. When it goes live, Hulu Plus will join Netflix, (s NFLX) YouTube, (s GOOG) Amazon Video on Demand (s AMZN) and Blockbuster (s DISH) online video services on TiVo DVRs.

Apparently TiVo is using the addition of Hulu Plus as a cross-promotional opportunity, as materials spotted in Best Buy show that TiVo customers will get six months of free Hulu Plus service along with the purchase of a new DVR. At $8 a month for Hulu Plus, that’s a $48 value. Just for comparison, new Hulu Plus users only got a free week of the service when Microsoft made it available on the Xbox 360.

While the giveaway could entice new TiVo Premiere customers, it comes at the same time that the DVR maker is “simplifying” — that is, raising — the price it charges new subscribers. With the new pricing, TiVo Premiere DVRs cost $99 with a $19.99 monthly subscription price, compared with a $12.99 subscription fee for customers that paid a full $299 price for the hardware.

2 Responses to “TiVo Finally Adding Hulu Plus, Giving Away 6 Months Free”

  1. I called TiVo tech support to find out when the Hulu software push was coming. They were surprised to hear about this article. They had no idea about the promotion or when the software was going to be pushed.

  2. One thing to note is that while TiVo did raise the monthly price, the cost is actually lower overall.

    Lifetime users pay $100 less, both new and users with the multiple service discount. New monthly subscribers pay less for the first 2 years when you take into account the price drop on the hardware. The only thing that increased was the upgrade program doesn’t offer as much in the way of savings.