SwiftKey Android Keyboard Beta Open for All, Today Only

Android (s goog) owners love their third-party keyboards, and the best I’ve found is SwiftKey. The $1.99 software has an uncanny knack for predicting the next word, and a simple tap of the space bar chooses the personalized prediction, which saves a ton of keystrokes. I’m using SwiftKey on both my Google Nexus One handset as well as my Samsung Galaxy Tab, which should tell you how good I think the app is. Turns out, it’s about get better and if you hurry, you can get in on what’s normally a private beta, says Android Central.

Friday only, anyone can hop over to the SwiftKey VIP site and use this invite code: #swiftkeyFRIDAY. That will get you into the VIP area, where you can download the .apk file for SwiftKey Beta According to the SwiftKey folks, this version includes:

  • Redesigned installer process
  • Redesigned settings menu
  • SwiftKey shortcut launcher on keyboard
  • New typing styles: Precise (identical to Classic), Rapid (similar to Rapidfire) (Note: you can reproduce “Manual” with “Space will always insert a space” in advanced)
  • Text handling improvements (fixed doubledouble bug, etc. + general stability improvements)
  • Improved dark theme

There isn’t much I don’t like about the current version of this productivity software, but I’m not taking any chances of missing out. I’m all signed up and have my .apk, which I’ll install later today. While I check out the new version, let me know what third-party keyboard you’re using on Android. I like the concept of Swype, of course, but just can’t seem to adopt it. What else should I be looking at for my text input?