ScanDrop Scans Documents Directly to the Cloud


Cloud document storage app OfficeDrop has become known for bringing filing into the modern era, helping users to get away from those pesky manila folders. The company is hoping to make traditional scanning software equally outdated with an upgraded version of its scanning app ScanDrop.

If your team mostly works in the cloud, it can be a hassle to scan in documents and get them uploaded to the right place. ScanDrop makes the process more efficient by giving you the option to scan documents directly to cloud file storage apps like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs and OfficeDrop Online. You can also create a PDF immediately from a scanned document, letting you skip file format conversions.

ScanDrop works with Google Docs’ OCR feature to convert scanned documents into editable text. Other features built into ScanDrop allow you to change the order of pages or delete a few entirely. You can also organize and tag files.

The application is available for both Mac and Windows, although the feature set varies between the different platforms; the Mac version is the most recently upgraded. ScanDrop for Windows is currently available for free from OfficeDrop’s website, while ScanDrop is priced at $9.99 in the Mac App Store. The list of scanners that ScanDrop will automatically work with is impressive, listing not only well-known brands, like HP and Epson, but some more specialized tools, like NeatDesk.

Truly Going Paperless

I can see a virtual team making great use of ScanDrop: whoever is in charge of physical documents and checking the actual mail box can scan and upload files in a matter of minutes. With a little planning, it might be possible to eliminate the office entirely, beyond having a post office box.

ScanDrop is still listed as being in beta, so it’s possible that new features — perhaps a few more applications that you can send your scans too? — will be available in the future.

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