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The Lodsys Deadline Approaches — And Still No Response From Apple

“One week down, two weeks remaining. And for some people, only one week remaining,” tweeted James Thomson, an iOS developer. That could be referring to Apple’s WWDC, scheduled to start on June 6. But it is, in fact, a reference to something else that has had some biting their nails for the past week:

Thomson is talking about the deadline imposed by Lodsys in its letters to developers, requesting royalty payments when using payment services for which Lodsys claims to own patents.

Although no developer has yet to make a copy of the Lodsys letter public, another detail of the company’s request has come to light. Lodsys may be asking for one cut (0.575 percent is the example figure it gives in its blog) today but it also notes in the letter to developers that it retains “the right to change its royalty rates at any time”.

Earlier this week, there was speculation that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) would come out with a response to these letters; some, like Thomson, have been waiting to hear what Apple would say before proceeding any further. For the record, today Apple declined to comment to mocoNews about the situation.

Meanwhile, one developer has started a campaign to get others to remove in-app purchasing from their apps and swamp Apple with bug reports to get a response.

Since last week, several developers — including independents like Thomson and , and bigger names like Iconfactory, the developers of Twitterific — have received letters from the company requesting a percentage payment on all revenues made via in-app purchases. Some of these cases involve Apple’s own in-app purchasing API; some do not, but offer other routes for payments.