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Blippy, A Poster Child For Over-Sharing On The Web, Moves On

Maybe people don’t want to share everything online. Blippy, a site that let users share information about their “favorite purchases” with friends, is moving on. The site rose to fame and attracted millions in funding from the likes of Sequoia Capital and Twitter founder Evan Williams by allowing members to enter their bank account numbers in order to automatically share their purchases in a Twitter-like feed.

But CEO Ashvin Kumar tells TechCrunch that the company has decided to move on after failing to attract enough users to the service and to a relaunch designed to center itself around user-contributed reviews. (Partly to blame: The accidental exposure of some user’s credit card numbers a year ago).

The company is now planning other unspecified products in the “social e-commerce” space. A second, very well-funded competitor with a similar concept, Swipely, also changed its strategy earlier this year. We reached out to Blippy earlier today but didn’t hear back.

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