Miso Introduces App Store for Social TV Checkins


Social TV app developer Bazaar Labs, better known as the company behind the Miso TV check-in app, knows it can’t implement all the cool new features users may want on its own. So it offered third-party developers the ability to build on its existing code base with an open API. After a few months of making the API available, the company recently launched a new “app store” that highlights third-party applications built across a number of mobile and web platforms.

One example of the power of the API is Mobilendo’s Miso for Windows Phone 7 app. As a startup with limited resources, Miso wasn’t able to build for all the mobile platforms, and had been focused primarily on building and updating its iPhone (s aapl) and Android (s goog) mobile applications. With that in mind, a third-party developer used the API to create its own Miso app for Windows Phone 7 (s msft) devices. But that’s not the only platform that Miso is available on thanks to third-party developers: app maker Mokriya created a Miso app for the BlackBerry Playbook (s rimm).

Opening the API isn’t just about creating alternate versions of the existing Miso app for other platforms. It will also enable developers to use Miso check-in data in other ways. MisoSync, for instance, enables users to sync Miso connections with their existing address book on Android phones. And the WPMiso WordPress plugin can help hook data from Miso users into their WordPress blogs. The Miso Apps page today includes a number of apps with a variety of other functions developed for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Chrome and Mac OS (s aapl) platforms.

But mobile and web apps are just the start: The API could also enable Miso to hook into connected TV platforms. In an email, CEO Somrat Niyogi wrote, “We are working with the MSOs and the CE manufacturers to deliver more social experiences on TV… With our Miso API, now you can build some of these social experiences into people’s TV watching experiences.” That could take a step out of the check-in process on the mobile device and feed user viewing info directly into its platform. Doing so could also introduce social data into the electronic programming guide (EPG), letting viewers see what their friends are watching.

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