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Hyperlocal Network Main Street Connect Buys CentralMassNews

Main Street Connect, which owns 10 hyperlocal news sites in Connecticut, is expanding its portfolio significantly: The company has just picked up CentralMassNews, which owns ten local news sites in central Massachusetts. That means Main Street Connect will soon have 52 sites — when you include 32 sites that the company says it is launching next month in Westchester County, New York.

Main Street Connect, which has raised nearly $4 million in funding, is led by Carll Tucker, who founded Westchester community newspaper company Tucker Communications and sold that business to Gannett (NYSE: GCI) in 1999. Tucker has said he hopes to have 3,000 hyperlocal news sites by 2013.

CentralMassNews, which was founded two years ago, says it is attracting 150,000 unique visitors a month to its sites. (Judging from the many ads it runs, it also doesn’t seemed to have had trouble attracting local advertisers).

Both Main Street Connect and CentralMassNews are competing with AOL’s Patch, which operates sites in at least half of both companies’ respective markets.