Dijit Turns Your iPhone Into a Roku Remote Control

iOS app maker Dijit has added support for the Roku media player to its remote control app, making it possible to control the device with an Apple (s AAPL) iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store, and an Android (s GOOG) version is apparently also in the works.

Dijit isn’t the first app to bring Roku remote control functionality to iOS devices. In fact, we recently reviewed the Peel app and IR blaster on our weekly Cord Cutters web series (check out the video below) that can also be used to control a Roku. However, Dijit promises its users some neat features that set it apart from the Peel app, including customizable gestures, an on-screen keyboard and the ability to manage a user’s Netflix (s NFLX) Instant queue on the handset.

Much like Peel, Dijit wants to become the default universal remote control in a user’s home. The San Francisco-based startup has partnered with Griffin Technology achieve this goal, and the Dijit app will be the default interface for Griffin’s upcoming Beacon IR blaster. The combination of IR blaster and iOS or Android handset will allow users to also change live TV channels and control other devices that aren’t yet connected to the home network.

Check out a review of the Peel below: