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I mentioned Europe’s ongoing process of consultation with respect to the cloud yesterday. Europe is, of course, not alone in gathering opinion on the advantages — and disadvantages — associated with moving cloud-ward. Anyone who has dealt with the European Commission will know of the organization’s love of acronyms, and there are many who jokingly (I hope) suggest that good projects without a good acronym fail to get funding. In the cloud consultation naming game, Europe really has lost out to the United States which pounced upon the impressively recursive “Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud” (Cloud2). Perhaps Monday’s consultation in Brussels should devote a good chunk of the agenda to coming up with a similarly impressive label for the continent’s ongoing cloud efforts? The Cloud2 effort has secured buy-in from a number of leading American companies, with Google yesterday the latest to announce that they are amongst those taking part. HP made a similar announcement at the end of April, and the two join a roster of “71 experts from industry and academia,” led by Marc Benioff and Michael Capellas. Whilst there is clearly room to derive national or regional competitive advantage from using or providing cloud services, there are also many ways in which the cloud facilitates the addressing of more broadly applicable goals. For both Europe and the United States to be investing time and effort in understanding those opportunities at almost the same point in time is a real opportunity that should not be squandered; I hope that lines of communication between Cloud2 and the European Commission are open, and being put to good use.