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Mobile Lowdown 5-18-11: Ericsson/Nortel/Clearwire; Apple Trademark; Lodsys

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Our look at some of the stories in mobile today: As news hits of a new outsourcing deal with Clearwire (NSDQ: CLWR), Ericsson (NSDQ: ERIC) could be throwing its hat into the bidding pool for those Nortel wireless patents; Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) trademarks a new word: what does it mean?; more on the Lodsys legal threats to app developers; and HP (NYSE: HPQ), Dell and Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) all report earnings.

Ericsson: This is Ericsson’s week to be in the spotlight for U.S. news, it seems. The company has just announced a deal to take on the running of Clearwire’s network, and it is also reportedly interested in bidding for the wireless patent portfolio belonging to the now-bankrupt Nortel. Full story here.

Apple: What’s “Noteworthy” about Apple? The blog Patently Apple takes us through the latest trademark application from the company, which focuses on the phrase. The application is made under the international class categories numbered 009 and 016.

Those classes cover a range of applicable uses, from scanning technologies to typefaces, so it’s hard to pinpoint just what Apple might have in mind here — and of course whether it will translate to a product any time soon. Another trademark application made not too long ago, for “Places“, has yet to emerge anywhere in Apple’s service portfolio. One thing is certain: there would be unlikely to be as much attention paid to any other company filing such generic words as there currently is for Apple.

Lodsys: Looks like Apple might make its first reaction this week to the controversy surrounding Lodsys and a number of app developers. The Texas-based patent holder sent legal threats out to a number of developers who have implemented payment systems in their iOS apps. Meanwhile, the number of developers getting hit with Lodsys payment demands is growing and now includes a number of larger developers, including Iconfactory, makers of Twitterific; and Armor Games, which makes casual and iPhone games. The company tweeted: “ArmorGames just got Lodsysed and we don’t even use the in-app purchase system. We provide a lite version which they claim is also infringing.” We can already start to imagine the many t-shirts that will get made up for the WWDC in June…

Results: HP reassured investors; Dell exceeded expectations but saw declining revenue if growing operating profit from consumers; and Vodafone trumpeted more consolidation in Europe. The results: HP, Dell and Vodafone (in pdf).