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Twitter for Mobile Browsers, Simply Wonderful

Twitter for Mac may have been the cynosure of all attention lately, but to me that pales in comparison with the mobile web version of Twitter. The company very quietly released a new version that utilizes HTML5 technologies. While, at present it is available only to a select group of Android, iPhone and iPod Touch owners, it will eventually be made available to all.

And the rest of us should be excited at the prospect of using the mobile web version of the personal messaging service. After a couple of days of using it, I am suitably impressed. There is remarkable similarity to Twitter’s desktop browser version of the service. (See photo.)

A permanent browser instance was all it took me to use it effectively. It is lightweight and loads up really fast. It allows me to quickly scan through the latest messages, switch between various tabs, scan my lists and reply to messages. It is probably one of the better touch implementations for browser-based mobile applications.’s new mobile app is precisely what all-mobile web apps need to be, especially as they compete with native apps. It is a great showcase for the potential of HTML5 technologies on new mobile devices.

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