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Nook Color E-Reader Hits 1M Tablet App Downloads

The blending of e-readers and tablets continues while Barnes & Noble(s bks) creates a new revenue stream with its mobile app store specific to the Google(s goog) Android-powered Nook Color device. Nook Apps provides a simple, seamless way to get more from the $249 Nook Color; especially for those owners that don’t want to hack the device to make it a full-featured Android tablet. And according to Barnes & Noble, it’s a success so far. A company release states:

Just one week after the company made its free software update featuring popular NOOK Apps available over the air for all NOOK Color customers, customers have made more than one million apps downloads. NOOK Color customers are enjoying access to a variety of popular NOOK Apps and downloading a selection of both paid and free apps that get even more out of their Reader’s Tablet, and have given the top 10 paid and free NOOK Apps the highest 4 or 5 star rating.

The software store’s early success could bode well for a new tablet or e-reader from Barnes & Noble that’s likely to be announced on May 24. Although the news is specific to Barnes & Noble, it also bodes well for Amazon(s amzn) which launched an Android app store earlier this year and is rumored to launch a new tablet or Android-based Kindle device later this year. With these developments, consumers may not need to figure out if a device is an e-reader or a tablet because it’s likely to be both.