RIM Recalls 1,000 Playbooks Due To Faulty Software Build

Recalls are never a pleasant experience for a company in the first month of a brand new product, but at least for Research in Motion (NSDQ: RIMM), the damage from its Playbook recall over the weekend was very contained.

RIM confirmed to Crackberry.com that it had recalled 1,000 Playbooks due to a faulty build of the operating system on certain units sold through Staples. Most of the systems were still in Staples’ inventory, meaning it would pretty rare for a Playbook buyer to have ran into the issues on their own systems. Still, the affected units apparently couldn’t load any software upon startup, which would be a frustrating glitch to encounter.

We’re still not sure how many Playbooks RIM has sold in the month it has been on sale. The device is the first from the company to ship with its QNX software, a different and more modern operating system than the one found on its flagship BlackBerry smartphones and the software that is likely key to RIM’s hopes of regaining momentum in the mobile market.