Today in Cleantech

What’s up with Google’s new Android-to-home networking technology? Google’s new plan to hook up everything from LED lightbulbs to household appliances via the Android operating system got a ton of coverage this week, but Katie Fehrenbacher zeroed in on the under-covered news that all of this gear is meant to run over a secretive, under-development 800-915mHz mesh networking technology. Right now, Google and radio-controlled LED bulb partner Lighting Sciences Group are the only named participants in the new tech, though Google says there are others. Still, it ain’t ZigBee, Wi-Fi, or any of the other networking technologies now being considered for state and federal smart grid standards. The idea of thousands of apps written to open-source being transmitted over a proprietary networking technology seems counter to Google’s avowed drive for openness as represented by Android. On the other hand, getting wireless households to respond to the push of a button in one room to a set of lights or appliances turning off in another may take the more penetrative, lower-latency network that Lighting Sciences Group VP of Electrical Engineering Eric Holland described to us earlier this week. I’m trying to find out more — any insights are much appreciated, and have a great weekend.