Minus: Simple Drag-and-Drop Online File Sharing


Minus is a drag-and-drop online file-sharing app that’s well-designed and dead simple to use: Head to the site, drag the files you want to share onto the browser window and it will be added to an online gallery. You can continue dropping more files onto the window to add them to the gallery, up to a limit of 50 items, and are given a URL to share with colleagues or clients.

Usability is also good for those you share your files with: Each file is represented by a large image (images, text files and PDFs get thumbnail previews, while audio and video files can be played within the app itself) that can be paged through using the large left and right arrows. Files can be downloaded individually, or the whole gallery can be downloaded as a ZIP archive. No sign-in is required to share or download files, although registered users get larger upload limits (5o MB per file, as opposed to 25 MB for unregistered users), a public profile and the ability to search their own and other users’ galleries.

Minus’ drag-and-drop simplicity should make it very easy to use for less tech-savvy folks; it’s certainly a lot more intuitive than fiddling with FTP for sharing larger files. In some ways, it’s reminiscent of defunct file-sharing service drop.io (a service that was a WWD favorite, until it was bought by Facebook and then discontinued), which also had drag-and-drop functionality and online galleries, although Minus doesn’t have some of the more advanced features that drop.io had, such as real-time chat. Crucially, however, Minus is also missing drop.io’s ability to password-protect files. While galleries can be “private,” that only prevents them from being published to your profile; anyone with the URL can gain access, so I wouldn’t use Minus to share any confidential work files. Minus’ FAQ states that the company is working on implementing a business model for the app; I wouldn’t be surprised to see that include adding the ability to password-protect the galleries of subscribed users, and possibly to also add branding to galleries.

Minus is free. As well as through the website, files can be uploaded and accessed via a desktop client (available for Windows (s msft), Mac (s aapl) and Linux); mobile apps for iPhone, Android (s goog) and Windows Phone 7; and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

(via ghacks)

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