YouTube Relaunches Rentals, Revamps Site for Pro Content


UPDATED. YouTube (s GOOG) is relaunching its video-on-demand store by adding 3,000 new titles, YouTube Chief Salar Kamangar just announced on the site’s blog. Kamangar didn’t reveal yet which studios these titles are coming from, and a YouTube spokesperson told us additional details will be published in a forthcoming blog post. The Wrap reported last month that YouTube has won Sony Pictures, (s SNE) Universal (s CMCSA) (s ge) and Warner Bros. (s TWX) as partners.

The new movie titles “will be accompanied by reviews and behind-the-scenes movie extras,” according to Kamangar’s post. This seems to be part of a bigger revamp of YouTube’s website to spotlight professional and serialized content. The site now has separate categories for movies, shows and music video content, complete with an episode guide for serialized content and specific categories to show off original web content. Check out the screenshots below for a first look:

The redesign is part of YouTube’s bigger ambitions to bolster its relationships with web content producers. Kamangar wrote Monday that YouTube now has more than 20,000 partners that monetize their content through advertising. YouTube recently awarded $35,000 each to 25 winners of its NextUp contest, and is sending 20 producers to YouTube classes at USC and Columbia College Chicago.

Update: YouTube has officially confirmed it’s adding content from NBC Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers. A spokesperson said in an email that the site now offers more than 6000 movies for rent.


Marq Sears

I’m with you Lucian, I love YouTube but the site and brand isn’t premium enough to compete with Netflix. You can’t put panties on a horse and call it a lady, they have a lot of “Revamping” to do.

Lucian Armasu

They should’ve copied the flat fee Netflix model. I don’t think this will become too popular.

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