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Being rich beyond most humans’ wildest dreams allows one to think long-term when it comes to nuclear power, apparently. Despite the global reaction to curb the growth of nuclear power and shutter existing nuclear power plants in the wake of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear reactor crisis in Japan, we’ve seen two tech giants place their money and mouths behind next-generation nuclear power sources this week. First, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates came out very publicly in support of nuclear power this week, saying at the Wired conference in New York City that nuclear still kills fewer people than does coal-fired power in the long run. Gates is backing “traveling wave” nuclear reactor startup TerraPower, which is meant to do away with the problem of leftover nuclear waste — and he’s the first to tell you that nuclear power innovation, along with other energy “miracles,” will take decades, rather than years, to perfect. Then we’ve got Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos putting his money behind General Fusion, a company with the even longer-range goal of making nuclear fusion a real-world energy source, rather than a mainstay of Issac Asimov novels. We’re talking about investing for the long term here.