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The Morning Lowdown 05-06-11

»  As If The Switch From AOL (NYSE: AOL) News To HuffPo Isn’t Confusing Enough (paidContent)

»  The most interesting thing about the bounce back in cable subscribers is that it has occurred during the two largest quarters for growth in Netflix’s history. (NewTeeVee)

»  Don’t Leak to the Wall Street Journal’s New Wikileaks Knockoff (Gawker)

»  There’s been a lot of discussion about what the U.S. military strike on Osama bin Laden’s compound says about the state of the media today, and the latest debate is whether Sohaib Athar – the Pakistani resident who live-tweeted the raid – is a journalist or not. (GigaOm)

»  YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) is Managing Graphic, Violent Videos from the Middle East with Community Help (

»  A place for Homicide Watch: Can a local blog fill some of the gaps in Washington, D.C.’s crime coverage? (Nieman Lab)

»  Has Facebook Become The Master Key To Unlocking The Web? (Search Engine Land)

»  You Are NOT allowed to Commit Suicide: Workers in Chinese iPad Factories Forced to Sign Pledges (The Daily Mail)

»  Vancouver blogger Derek Miller died of cancer this week at 41. He wrote an amazing last post to his readers and his family. (Penmachine)