Showyou Adds YouTube, Vimeo and Tumblr Support


When Showyou launched three weeks ago, it promised a better way to find and browse new videos being shared among users’ friends and contacts on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. With its latest update, the video discovery app has added support for more sources, including YouTube, (s GOOG) Vimeo (s IACI) and Tumblr, from which it will surface videos.

Showyou wants to be the one place where users go to discover new content, and already allows users to log in to their Facebook and Twitter accounts as a way to view a cross-section of videos their friends are sharing. So the addition of YouTube and Vimeo makes perfect sense. Now the app will surface videos from video producers or channels they follow on the video sharing sites. And Tumblr, which makes media sharing ultra-easy, is another great potential source of video discovery.

To cope with the new content sources, Showyou’s video grid is also expanding. The grid will now show up to 200 different videos from friends and contacts on various social networks, and up to 100 videos from friends or contacts directly connected through the app itself. But will more videos equal more views? San Francisco-based Remixation, which makes the Showyou app, hopes so.

Already the Showyou app, which is available for the iPad (s AAPL) and iPhone, has served up more than 10 million videos to users in the three weeks since launch. Users watch an average of four videos each time they open the app, which is evidence, Remixation believes, that curating content shared by friends is the best way to help users discover new content.

In that respect, Showyou is hardly alone. Anumber of social sharing apps, like Miso and GetGlue, have recently launched, seeking to use the social graph to help users find interesting new things to watch online and on TV. And Clicker, which is now part of CBS Interactive, (s CBS) partnered with Facebook last year to use information shared on the social network to aid in the discovery of new videos and shows based on user interests and interests of their friends.

(Disclosure: Remixation is backed by True Ventures, a venture capital firm that is an investor in the parent company of this blog, Giga Omni Media. Om Malik, founder of Giga Omni Media, is also a venture partner at True.)



You’ve missed SquareEyes for iPad. Another similar service.

Mark Schoneveld

The initial execution of this app was pretty awesome with the video filter just being Twitter – but I’m really excited that they’ve added Tumblr support. I’m really looking forward to some kind of Vimeo ‘likes’ integration next…

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