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Portable Presentation Power With MightyMeeting

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Ever get that “a-ha!” moment when seeing a new app in action? That’s how I felt seeing a demo of MightyMeeting from CEO Dmitri Tcherevik. The app allows users to store demo videos and presentations in the cloud and then share them in online meetings and discussions from the web, iPad (s aapl) or iPhone, and is particularly useful for a web worker who is often on the road.

Who would use MightyMeeting?

Anyone who wants to make a presentation — either from the road or in person — using their iPhone or iPad (s aapl). And yes, even through a web browser if you really, really want to lug your laptop around.

How does it work?

Download the free MightyMeeting app onto your iPhone or iPad (or both) and either register through the app or through the MightMeeting website (also free).

The free version lets you attend anyone’s MightyMeeting and also lets you cache your presentations for offline, face-to-face meetings (so no Internet connection is required). You can show your slide presentation directly on your iPhone or iPad or connect your iPad to a projector for an instant big screen presentation. You also get a 14-day free trial period of the Pro version when you sign up.

The Pro version ($4.99/month) lets you host meetings. You can invite others to online MightyMeeting meetings — an unlimited number of meetings, with an unlimited number of attendees — and show your presentation via your iPhone while speaking to them on your phone as well. Or you can be speaking by phone and control the meeting on your iPad.

(And yes, Tcherevik conducted our entire meeting and controlled his slideshow presentation from his iPhone.)

How is this different from Slideshare or Slideshare’s Zipcast?

I often access my slides by visiting the Slideshare site through my iPhone or iPad’s web browser. It’s not ideal but it works. Kind of. MightyMeeting offers much more seamless mobile capabilities, enhancing phone meetings with shared slide presentations.

You can carry your presentations with you wherever you go and have instant access to your slides to show on-the-fly, either offline or online through the MightyMeeting app. Because of the caching in the app, you don’t even have to worry if you have an Internet connection, or carry a bulky laptop wherever you go. Seems like a no-brainer to me, and it literally puts the power of portable presentations into the palm of my hand.