GigaOM Pro Free Webinar: The Future of Work

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A decade ago, regularly working from an airport, coffee shop or home was unimaginable, both technically and culturally. Today, it’s commonplace. Businesses are embracing a 24/7 global workforce powered by technology. Employees are no longer tethered to a traditional office environment.

Technology has minimized the need for employees to be physically present in a traditional office setting. Central to this change is the ever-increasing access to high-speed Internet services, mobile technology and cloud-based collaboration services. And increasingly, these tools are changing the nature of employee relationships, which often extend across time zones and geographies, and require evolving technology for effective collaboration.

Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

  • What role consumer technologies such as iPads, smartphones and notebooks will play in the workplace.
  • Extended labor markets and worker sourcing.
  • Combating information overload as communication channels evolve.
  • Video communication as a workplace centerpiece.

Join GigaOM Pro and Skype at our upcoming webinar, The Future of Work: How New Technology Platforms are Reinventing the Workplace. We will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by a new culture of work. This free, one-hour webinar will take place on May 11, 2011 at 10 a.m. PDT.

Our panel of experts includes:

  • Mike Wolf – VP, Research, GigaOM — Moderator
  • Abhijeet Rane, SVP, Techaisle and GigaOM Pro member analyst
  • Joanna Brace, Head of Marketing for Skype Enterprise
  • Haydn Shaughnessy, Editor, Innovation Management

Register today for this free webinar to get a glimpse into The Future of Work.

1 Comment

Wes Chyrchel

I really like this news site guys. Great topic, but poor execution. I couldn’t login with a mobile device and needed flash, which was ironic considering the topic was The Future of Work and the audio was horrible. Maybe you can do this again with a different webinar vendor? If you decide to do it again, please let me know.

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