VIDEO: Hands-on With T-Mobile’s Speedy G2x Smartphone

Now that Google Android supports video chat on Google Talk, I’m in the market to upgrade my old Nexus One, which has no front-facing camera. Sitting atop the list of contenders is the T-Mobile G2x, currently available for $199 with contract. The G2x is the carrier’s first dual-core handset, powered by a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 (s nvda) chipset. Between the hardware and the stock Google Android(s goog) interface, this phone simply flies when compared to my Nexus One — and most of the other Android handsets I’ve used recently.

Everything seems to happen immediately when using the handset. Tap an app, and it’s there. Scroll in a menu or a webpage and it happens. Gaming and video activities really shine. In this overview, I show off a demo of RipTide GP, a Tegra-optimized game that’s arriving soon in the TegraZone market. And the 1080p demo video plays back smoothly, with no lag at all. Stay tuned for a full written review of the G2x, but for now, enjoy the video!