27-inch iMac Unboxing and Hands-On


Apple just released its new iMacs, and I ordered the stock, entry-level, 27-inch configuration to replace my main work computer, a late 2008 20-inch iMac (s aapl). It arrived today, so I recorded my unboxing and early hands-on experience with the computer. Bottom line? It’s a beast.

Did you get one of the new iMacs? Share your early experience with Apple’s latest all-in-one in the comments.



Anyone notice the HDD is noisy? I mean crunching along clickiety-clackety.


I received the 27″ iMac as a birthday present, and it replaced a 2006 20″ iMac. Huge difference of course; but Safari still crashes! But other than that, it’s fantastic. I’m still learning to deal with all the extra screen space.

Alexander Hazel

Hold down shift while hitting the “Volume Up/Down” buttons to mute that beeping

Brad McCarty

Beautiful, Kevin. I’m supremely jealous. I asked my boss for a $4k raise, just for a month, so I could get a new 27-inch plus two 30-inch monitors. Sadly, he wasn’t as keen on the idea as I was.


Sweet. Some idiots are calling the 27″ iMac Quad merely an overpriced, large-screen notebook computer, but I think it’s pretty sleek to get all that power into such a slim case.


Wow, that screen is very nearly a mirror! Wish they had the option for a non-glossy screen.


Curious, What are you planning to do with your old Mac. Its only a few years old.


I second cobe’s question — what is your logic for getting rid of the late 2008 iMac? What’s wrong with retaining a 2008 iMac?

Jeff Drake

Thirded. My main work machine is still an original Power Macintosh G5, purchased the week they were announced. It still does everything I need it to (although admittedly, I’ll probably need to upgrade in the next year or so). Why so quick to upgrade?

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