ResophNotes: Superfast Note-Taking for Windows

Regular WWD readers will know that I’m a big fan of the superfast note-taking combo of Notational Velocity on my Macbook (s aapl) plus Simplenote on my iPhone. They’re both fairly minimal apps that don’t have excess features to bog me down, and because Notational Velocity can sync with Simplenote I can access my notes (and make new ones) anywhere. Well, almost anywhere — I occasionally work on Windows (s msft). So I was very happy to discover ResophNotes, a Notational Velocity-like note-taking app for Windows, complete with Simplenote sync. Now I truly can work with my notes everywhere.

ResophNotes feels incredibly familiar if you’re used to working with Notational Velocity: It’s minimal, has incremental search and supports keyboard shortcuts, so note-taking and review is just as fast as with Notational Velocity. Notes are optionally synced though the Simplenote server at predetermined intervals or manually. However, although the apps are very similar, there are are some differences: Notational Velocity supports formatting, while ResophNotes is plain text; ResophNotes supports Simplenote tagging, Notational Velocity doesn’t; ResophNotes supports Markdown-to-HTML conversion.

ResophNotes is a free download (both as a desktop install and as a portable app, suitable for running from a flash drive); donations to the developer are encouraged.

(via One Thing Well)