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Brainient’s Create Station: Instagram Meets YouTube

Interactive ad startup Brainient released a neat little application called Create Station this morning that allows you to take any YouTube (s GOOG) video and customize it with filters and text. The web app is a proof of concept for the startup’s BrainStudio interactive ad platform, which makes it easy for advertisers to overlay elements on top of any Flash-based video.

To create your own video or station, go to, add a title for the station, URL for YouTube video, channel or playlist, and any additional text. And voila! Out pops a video with customized logo, text and description. (Check out my sample below for the ChloeNewsNetwork, based on comedian Drew Droege’s hilarious series of Chloe Sevigny YouTube parodies.)

Like Instagram for images, Create Station’s addition of filters add some individuality to the videos added to it. And while being the Instagram of video is something seemingly everyone is striving for these days, the launch of Create Station wasn’t meant to to get as many consumers using the platform as possible. Instead, Create Station was built as a way to showcase the latest release of Brainient’s Brain Studio interactive ad platform. Brain Studio works by overlaying interactive elements on top of any video, and has been used for more than 100 different ad campaigns over the past year, including some that ran on sites owned by media companies like Fox (s NWS) and SeeSaw.

Brainient has raised more than $1 million, included an $800,000 financing round led by Arts Alliance that also included Dave McClure, Alex Hoye, Algy Williams and Sherry Coutu. The company now has 14 employees, with a headquarters in London and an R&D team in Romania.