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Report: Imminent iOS 4.3.3 Update to Fix “Locationgate” Bug

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According to Boy Genius Report, Apple (s aapl) is preparing to release iOS 4.3.3 “within the next two weeks, possibly sooner.” The purported update will specifically address the iPhone “tracking” issue that has mesmerized the mainstream media, specifically:

  • The location database will no longer be backed up to iTunes.
  • The location database cache, and thus the number of days logged, will be reduced.
  • When Locations Services are off, the database will be deleted.
Additionally, battery life improvements are claimed, as well as “iPod bug fixes.” To BGR’s credit, they correctly predicted the release of iOS 4.3.2 within a two-week time frame last month, but the imminent release of iOS 4.3.3 should surprise no one. Last week, Apple took the extraordinary steps of issuing a press release stating a fix was on the way, and making company executives, including CEO Steve Jobs available for an interview.
Unfortunately, an issue impacting a far smaller number of users is not mentioned in the rumored update. A minority of Verizon (s vz) iPad 2s continue to have connectivity issues with Verizon’s network. The most benign of problems results in Verizon iPads requiring data roaming to be turned on to acquire a 3G connection. Supposedly, iOS 4.3.2 was supposed to fix this, but iPad owners continue to report connectivity-related issues in Apple Community discussions. If you have a Verizon iPad 2 with problems, restrained expectations for iOS 4.3.3 are probably a good idea.

2 Responses to “Report: Imminent iOS 4.3.3 Update to Fix “Locationgate” Bug”

  1. It is also important to raise awareness regarding Apple’s scams and abuses related to mobile application and digital entertainment markets, their strategy to destroy the web by kicking users out of the web into Apple’s walled garden taxed at 30% is outrageous! Apple’s ban of Flash is not acceptable, turning consumers and developers into collateral damages in a corporate war is not acceptable! Join the fight and follow me on Twitter “flexengineer”.

    • Scott

      Flash would be a bad idea on the iphone, even adobe employees have admitted that because of the hover action of a mouse needed in most flash content. If people see it as they are losing business by having their apps in apple’s app store then they always have the option to leave. Steve Jobs wrote an essay on flash and why HTML5 is a better way of viewing content over the web because it doesn’t require plugins and doesn’t use as much CPU as flash does. HTML5 also uses less battery. I’ve started converting over to HTML5 on my computer whenever I have the option too because it saves my computer from overheating whenever flash is used. Everything can be re encoded to HTML5. Even Adobe is making programs that does it for you. Destroying the web? How so? Apple is in control of their app store. They are successful. Why stop doing what’s good for everyone?