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HBO Goes On Demand On the iPad, iPhone & Select Android Phones

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Surprise! HBO (s TWX) has made on-demand streaming applications available on the iPad, (s aapl) iPhone and select Android devices, a few days ahead of their expected launch date. (Hat tip to BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, who first spotted the iPad app.)

The HBO Go apps were teased in a YouTube ad (s GOOG) released last week, promising a May 2 launch date. But they appeared a few days early, enabling subscribers to the premium cable network to access new release movies, as well as every episode from every season of every HBO original series on Apple iOS devices, as well as some Android phones.

The apps are an extension of HBO’s TV Everywhere initiative, which is designed to provide additional value to cable subscribers that pay for the premium network. The HBO Go online video service launched last February, and got a boost earlier this year, when the network drastically expanded the number of videos available online.

The iPad is fast becoming a new battleground for online and traditional video programmers and distributors. While online video services like Netflix (s NFLX) and Hulu Plus have long had iPad apps, cable companies and their network partners are creating their own services for the device.

Comcast (s CMCSA) was first to market with an iPad app that allows its subscribers to access on-demand video from its network partners (including HBO). But recently, Time Warner Cable (s TWC) and Cablevision (s CVC) both rolled out controversial iPad apps of their own that make live streams of cable channels available for viewing within the home.

Some programmers, like Viacom, (s VIA) have complained that those distributors don’t have the rights necessary to stream to new devices like the iPad, and that such apps limit the possibilities for building their own apps or licensing their content to new online and mobile distributors. Meanwhile, some cable networks — like ESPN (s DIS) and now HBO — are taking matters into their own hands and rolling out authenticated apps for streaming live and on-demand video on new devices.

5 Responses to “HBO Goes On Demand On the iPad, iPhone & Select Android Phones”

  1. Thanks for the correction guys; and, I agree, TWC should be a provider and their Customer Service rep should’ve known that info. It’s really frustrating trying to get access to content that you’re already paying for!

  2. Unfortunately, TIME WARNER CABLE, is not a participant or provider to the App. Therefore, i cannot sign-in/or-up for HBO GO. I find that interesting considering they own HBO. Below is a transcript of the typical customer service for TIME WARNER CABLE in my efforts to find out why they aren’t listed. If you feel like wasting your time like I did here with them, then read on:

    Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable Chat
    We hope that your session with Technical Support was helpful
    Below you will find the chat transcript that you requested. We recommend you keep this for future reference. Our Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! – if you need to contact us again, please visit for any questions relating to your Time Warner Cable service, or for Road Runner specific assistance please visit

    M nica: Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Monica S. Please give me a moment while I access your account.
    M nica: I understand that you have some doubts related to our new service for ipad. It will be my pleasure to assist you with this kind of request.
    Don: It is not the Time Warner App, it is the HBO Go App.
    M nica: I understand. This list will be updated as new information is received for Available Programming for iPad Application:
    M nica: Current Programming List for our iPad Application:

    A E
    GSN – HD Sleuth
    ABC Family
    Hallmark SOAPnet
    AMC Hallmark Movie Sprout
    Animal Planet HD Theatre – HD Style
    Biography HGTV Sundance
    Bloomberg History SyFy
    Bravo History en Espanol The Hub (aka Discovery Kids) -HD East
    Cartoon Network – HD History International TLC
    Chiller HLN (Headline News) Travel
    CNBC World IFC Turner Classic Movies (TCM) – HD
    CNN Investigation Discovery – HD TV Guide – HD
    Crime and Investigation Network Jewelry TV TV One – HD East
    CSPAN Lifetime USA
    CSPAN2 Lifetime Movie Network We
    CSPAN3 Lifetime WEST – HD Wedding Central
    Current Lifetime Real Women YNN Austin
    Discovery Channel MSNBC
    Disney Channel Military Channel
    Disney XD Military History Channel
    E! National Geographic
    ESPN News Nat Geo Wild – HD
    EWTN Global Catholic Network (EWTN) NY1
    Food Network NY1Noticias
    Fox Business Network – HD OWN – HD
    Fox News Oxygen
    FX QVC
    G4 Planet Green –
    M nica: HD
    Gala Reelz
    Golf Channel Science Channel – HD
    M nica: You can send a email requesting that channel.
    Don: Why are you giving me the list of channels for the Time Warner APP? My question is regarding the HBO GO APP
    M nica: You need to contact them.
    M nica: Do you have any other questions or concerns that we can assist you with today?
    Don: Time Warner Cable owns HBO why would I need to contact HBO?
    M nica: I am sorry for the delay; I am still getting this information for you.
    M nica: By Dan Moren, Macworld Premium cable content from HBO comes to the iPad at last, as the network on Friday released its long-awaited HBO Go app for iPhone …
    M nica: Please access the following link:
    M nica:…/hbo-go-app-set-to-stream-its-way-to-iphones-ipads-and-android-d/
    Don: The app is very clear that it is available once my television provider makes it available. Because Time Warner owns HBO, shouldn’t it be #1 in the list of providers?. I’ve already downloaded the app and Time Warner Cable is not one of the television providers listed. I installed the app today based on the article you just sent me…
    M nica: I do apologize for the inconvenience that this issue may have caused you.

    Don: The only providers listed are AT T, Charter, Xfinity, DiSH, COX, DirectTV, Verizon – Time Warner is not a listed provider, therefore I cannot sign-in/up.
    M nica: You are correct.
    M nica: Please go to the Start Over page to see what channels are available in your area. Time Warner Cable currently has content rights to a wide variety of channels. We are continuing to work with networks and producers to expand the selection.
    M nica: at
    M nica:
    M nica: You can request the channel at contact us.
    Don: Ok, you’re pointing me back to the Time Warner App again; i’m not speaking about that app. I’m speaking about the HBO GO APP. If Time Warner Cable owns HBO why isn’t available as a service provider on that app? I should be able to gain access to content on that app. I’m not interested in the Time Warner Cable app or any of the content you’ve already pointed me to. I’m interested in this specific app HBO GO of which Time Warner is not showing as a service provider yet owns the APP!
    M nica: Customers requesting a new channel should send a letter with their location and channel request to:
    Robert Watson
    VP Programming, New Business Development
    Time Warner Cable
    120 E 23rd Street 9th Floor
    New York, NY 10010
    M nica: Let me see is it the same address for LA.
    Don: I give up!

    • Cablevision also is not on the list of which I am a subscriber. Very frustrating. The app should list what cable providers work with this app before people waste their time downloading it.

    • Don… You’re incorrect—Time Warner Cable and HBO are not part of the same company. Time Warner Cable was spun off entirely from Time Warner and is a separate, publicly traded company that shares nothing with the entertainment company but the words “Time” and “Warner” in its name. Time Warner Cable has to negotiate with HBO just like every other cable and satellite operator.

    • HBO is owned by Time Warner, not Time Warner CABLE. Time Warner CABLE split from Time Warner in 2009 and is now a completely separate organization. Too bad the customer service associate was not aware of this. Either way, its still ridiculous that TWC subscribers cannot use the HBO GO app. Get it together, TWC!!