Mobile Lowdown 04/29/2011: Market Share, Payments, Royal White iPhones


Our look at some of the big stories in mobile this morning: mobile market share reports galore, mobile payments continues to draw investment and criticism, and two people got married in the U.K. or something.

Counting the handsets: IDC says mobile phone shipments rose almost 20 percent to 371 million units, with smartphones accounting for most of the growth. Among smartphones, ABI Research says vendors shipped 100 million with a familiar storyline: Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is losing ground, and Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is gaining. In fact, according to Strategy Analytics, even when counting overall phone sales Apple is now the fourth largest phone company in the world, surpassing ZTE with its strong first-quarter performance. (IDC, ABI Research, Strategy Analytics)

Check please: eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) has made another purchase related to mobile payments, snapping up Fig Card, which makes a mobile application that lets smartphone owners pay at the retail counter without the need for an NFC chip or wireless reader on the retailers’ end. The high-tech USB cable is the solution. It’s similar (in concept anyway) to what Square is trying to get off the ground, although Square announced it has a more secure way of taking mobile payments, perhaps due to criticism over its methods. (via All Things D and Techcrunch)

Windsor knot: Will and Kate got married, as you may have noticed. Here’s a link to our coverage of how the event was covered, and if you were thinking about buying the young couple white iPhones to commemorate their wedding day, bear in mind that the white iPhone appears to be slightly thicker than the other iPhones, meaning you might have to get them new cases as well. (via MacRumors)

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