Yahoo Mail Outage: Is This Thing On?


Updated. Yahoo Mail (s yhoo) seems to be down for a sizable chunk of users. A spokesman for the company confirmed the outage, saying, “Yahoo! Mail is currently inaccessible to some users. We are working to correct the issue and restore all functionality immediately. We know that this may have caused some inconvenience and we apologize to our users who might be affected.”

The outage is yet another black mark against the company, which has been struggling with setbacks for some time now. Insiders have reportedly been whispering for months about how the shine has started to wear off of Yahoo’s tough-talking CEO Carol Bartz. Bartz joined the company to much fanfare in January 2009, but has since overseen layoffs, revenue declines, and a top-level executive brain drain. The company has also been shutting down or spinning off a number of properties, the most recent being the divestiture this week of social-bookmarking pioneer Delicious.

Update: According to a source with knowledge of the situation, less than 0.5 percent of all Yahoo Mail accounts are affected by the outage. If true, that accounts for some 1.3 million users, according to Yahoo’s most recent user stats.

And to be fair, Yahoo isn’t the only web giant that’s encountered email access problems. Gmail has had several notable blackouts. Some of Gmail’s glitches reportedly wiped out all the information in some users’ accounts (the information was later restored). Perhaps this would be a good time to revisit Simon Mackie’s excellent post earlier this year on how to back up your email accounts.

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well, the website is not working for me but the yahoo mail Android app works fine.


This is what I’ve been getting all day…”Ouch!
The error, LaunchEmptyResponse, occurred when trying to connect to Yahoo! Mail.”
I am able to access mail classic but it’s very bogged down.


Yahoo mail has been down for me all day!!! Come on yahoo admit you have a major issue and FIX it!


My Yahoo has been down for the past 8 hours…very annoying. I do have access on my phone, but I do not have reception inside my office building due to government cell phone blockages. When I left the building for lunch, I was flooded with emails.


If it’s your mail account that is not accessible, it’s 100% down! Additionally, I PAY FOR THE PREMIUM SERVICE!! I read all this crap about how cloud computing is the future, but no one has a solution for the lightning and thunder storms.

Need a Different Email Acccount

As of 4:35 pm EDT, the yahoo email account still doesn’t work.

Marjorie Burns

I am so tired of the shutdowns, glitches and not being able to read my mail. I am going to start looking for another provider. This is getting crazy. When you have something that works, why change it? Seems like yahoo is always changing and that I don’t like either.


.5%? It’s 100% for me is all I care. Fix the issue! I can access my 2 other Yahoo emails but my MAIN address is the one affected.


I’m the exact same boat, my junk email accounts I can access.

My main one is locked out…


It’s been down since for me since 8:00 PST this morning. Grr! The most frustrating part is that I still receive the phone notifications that there is a new message, and the alert tells me who the message is from, but I can’t access it.


Yahoo mail is down for me but not my mom…and that’s from the same PC!


STILL out…… I have a gmail account and at least can send email that way….. I’m not on BETA but don’t know why I should be having trouble.


“The best web based email”?? I don’t think so!! Time to look elsewhere!

Black Pearl

Yahoo mail went down for me around 930 am cdt this morning and is still down at 242 cdt. Tried from desktop PC, iPhone, and iPad. No dice.


Not working for me – thankfully yahoo is just my back up email. I normally use gmail, although I know that’s not foolproof either.


Time to export all my contacts & make the move to Gmail. No wonder Yahoo is going down the shitter.


have not been able to access my Yahoo mail for the past 5 hours . wasted way too much time trying to figure out what’s going on, but also a wake up call to forward and migrate


This is so frustrating… This is my main account and I’m expecting important emails which need immediate responses. I hope this gets fixed ASAP.


No, I did not sign up for the Beta, and yet my account is still unavailable. I don’t doubt that their pending mail platform update is related to this outage though.


My yahoo account has been down since 7am this morning. That is 8 1/2 hours. Inexcusable! I’ve tried to contact yahoo to no avail. To say “this may have caused some inconvenience” is both an understatement and downright insulting.

alan roskam

Yahoo mail has been out in Wichita since going to work time this morning.

Todd Johnson

Can’t get to one of my yahoo email accounts today. One is working and one is not. What’s up?


Yahoo mail is down for me. I have all my work and school information in Yahoo mail! Terrible!!! This thing made me provide an email address. I cannot open Yahoo mail, so responses won’t be seen till if and when they repair this.

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