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Yahoo Mail Outage: Is This Thing On?

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Updated. Yahoo Mail (s yhoo) seems to be down for a sizable chunk of users. A spokesman for the company confirmed the outage, saying, “Yahoo! Mail is currently inaccessible to some users. We are working to correct the issue and restore all functionality immediately. We know that this may have caused some inconvenience and we apologize to our users who might be affected.”

The outage is yet another black mark against the company, which has been struggling with setbacks for some time now. Insiders have reportedly been whispering for months about how the shine has started to wear off of Yahoo’s tough-talking CEO Carol Bartz. Bartz joined the company to much fanfare in January 2009, but has since overseen layoffs, revenue declines, and a top-level executive brain drain. The company has also been shutting down or spinning off a number of properties, the most recent being the divestiture this week of social-bookmarking pioneer Delicious.

Update: According to a source with knowledge of the situation, less than 0.5 percent of all Yahoo Mail accounts are affected by the outage. If true, that accounts for some 1.3 million users, according to Yahoo’s most recent user stats.

And to be fair, Yahoo isn’t the only web giant that’s encountered email access problems. Gmail has had several notable blackouts. Some of Gmail’s glitches reportedly wiped out all the information in some users’ accounts (the information was later restored). Perhaps this would be a good time to revisit Simon Mackie’s excellent post earlier this year on how to back up your email accounts.

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88 Responses to “Yahoo Mail Outage: Is This Thing On?”

  1. I have used Yahoo mail for nearly a decade. I tried to login aaround 9:30 this morning, but now it is 2:25 PM and still no service. Though nothing like this has happened before I am willing to stick with them through the current problem, but must admit that confidence in their reliability is modestly shaken.

  2. Mine is down on my computer, smartphone and iPod Touch. Three strikes and you’re out. I’ve already set up my new gmail account. I just hope that at some point I can get to my folders.

  3. Yahoo mail is down for me also… has been all morning. Tried going to it from a different Browser program, and still no luck. Everything is updated, as they suggested to check… and yet still no luck. If this persists….. well… think I might find another mail format.

  4. Twistdmojo

    It’s called “TESTING” Yahoo, learn it, use it…like the rest of the developer world! Every freakin’ time they roll out “improvements”, they screw something up! And why isn’t this outage right on Yahoo’s own homepage? It should be!

    • Agreed! I tried to upgrade to their new, NEW mail last week – no preview pane, and no way to turn it on, despite what the FAQ had to say about it. Was forced to roll back to the “new” mail (v. “Classic”).

  5. For the past eight months or so I have experienced a marked decline in dependability of all yahoo mail features including contacts, messages loading, and mails being mysteriously deleted out of inbox/spam and drafts folder. As a long time user this really stings me that the company has no decent customer service or alert system to speak of.

    • Yes! The disappearing email. Of course, I had written to Yahoo! about it, but, as usual, received the standard reply. No explanation, really. I’ve had my account for 11 years, and I’ve been grateful for it. But you can’t have email disappearing, can you.

      If a product works well, then continual attempts to make it better, always seem to fail.

  6. I have a main account and a newsletter/spam account through Yahoo–luckily, my main account is up, but my newsletter/spam account has been down all morning.

  7. Not working for me either…and it’s my MAIN account. Looks like I’ll have to schedule some time to move all my folders and saved mail over to Gmail. #YahooMailFail