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Hearst Chooses Taboola for In-Page Video Recommendations

Local TV conglomerate¬†Hearst (s HTV) has chosen Taboola for all of its local TV station sites to provide video suggestions for viewers reading stories or watching video on their websites. Hearst owns TV stations in 29 markets,¬†each with their own news pages and video content.¬†Matching up the right video with the right news article isn’t always easy for a company of this size that has large caches of news and video content.

Taboola’s widget uses contextual analysis and other targeting methods to serve up video content relevant to the story a user is reading or a video she is watching. By doing so, the technology auto-curates content, ensuring the media companies in question don’t have to manually add relevant videos to the page. That solves a problem, especially for publishers with a large number of video assets, like local news stations, in providing the right video for a certain topic.

The name of the game is building user engagement — once users are on the page, keeping them there — and increasing the opportunity for video advertising. For readers of text-based news stories, adding a related video component can dramatically increase time-on-site metrics. And for those already watching video, ensuring other related videos are highlighted can provide more chances for advertising.

Other Taboola clients include CNN, (s TWX) the New York Times, (s NYT) USA Today, (s GCI) Bloomberg and Demand Media, (s DMD) among others. The company, which was founded in 2007, has raised $6 million over two rounds of funding and now has 30 employees in offices in New York and Israel.