Yottaa Uses the Cloud to Boost Site Speed

Updated. Yottaa, a Cambridge-Mass.-based, web-performance startup, announced its Yottaa Optimizer service Wednesday, which promises to improve website performance by leveraging a global network of cloud servers. Yotta claims the service delivers results “with just a few clicks,” which would make it a welcome alternative to many website operators without the knowledge or resources to utilize content delivery networks such as Akamai (s akam) or Limelight Networks (s llnw).

That being said, the company promises it can cut page-load times in half, even for customers already using CDNs or load balancers. It does this by intelligently routing jobs across its “global elastic multi-cloud network … using more than 100 techniques such as domain sharding, CSS spriting and content delivery network (CDN) balancing.”

I have reached out to Yottaa to confirm its cloud providers and locations and will update this post when I hear back.

Update: Yottaa uses 11 different cloud providers for Yottaa Optimizer, including Amazon Web Services (s amzn). During the recent outage, a company spokesperson told me, Yottaa was able to reroute AWS operations to other clouds to avoid any lengthy downtime. It plans to automate this capability for customers in the future.

The company also uses AWS to host its Yottaa Insight service, which tests and monitors website performance and provides suggestions to improve load speed. That product won Yottaa a spot as a finalist in the 2010 Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge.

Yottaa’s service highlights one of the big sweet spots for cloud computing, which is the ability for startups to compete with CDNs and other service providers without having to build their own infrastructure. By writing smart software and leveraging cloud providers’ already-built infrastructure, companies such as Yottaa can keep their overhead down, which results a lower cost service for customers, too.