Cord Cutters Day Was a Blast

Cord Cutters really are everywhere: That’s the biggest lesson we took way from yesterday’s Cord Cutters Day meetups, which we organized in collaboration with community members all across the U.S. and beyond.

Not only did we have roughly 40 people show up in San Francisco, but we also had many more attend meetups in cities like Redmond, Tornoto, Los Angeles, Austin, San Diego and elsewhere. We are still crunching the final numbers, but it looks like we had more than a dozen meetups in three countries, including Peru!

And if you need any further proof that cord cutters are a dedicated community, look no further than Royal Oak, Mich. Not only did the local cord cutters brave a tornado warning to attend their meetup — they also already started to organize a follow-up meeting next month.

That’s the spirit we wanted to foster with these meetups. We are definitely going to do more events like Cord Cutters Day with simultaneous meetups everywhere, but we also encourage everyone to use our page on to organize their own gatherings in their communities.

In the mean time, check out some photos from a few of the events last night: