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The Morning Lowdown 04-05-11

»  Tribune Co. bondholders were cleared to sue former shareholders in state courts in an attempt to claw back more than $8 billion the old investors received in the media conglomerate’s ill-fated 2007 leveraged buyout. (WSJ)

»  Keith Olbermann Relaunches ‘Countdown’ On Current TV (NYT; check out coverage Olbermann’s interview with Staci D. Kramer at PC2011)

»  The Ad-Supported Video Industry: A Consumer Evolution, Not a Revolution (Brian Wieser/MediaBizBloggers)

»  U.S. Smartphone Market: Who’s the Most Wanted? (Nielsen)

» Q&A: New MIT Media Lab Director Joichi Ito on ‘Context and Connection’ (Epicenter)

»  Instapaper Founder: Apps Don’t Need To Be Free (ReadWriteWeb)

»  Using technology to ‘save’ longform journalism: Q & A with Evan Ratliff, aka The Atavist (Online Journalism Review)

»  Media companies haven’t exploited opportunities created by iPad and mobile technology (Damon Kiesow/Poynter)

»  ‘Frontline’ team investigates its options for digital future (

»  Google’s Eric Schmidt interviews Tina Fey (YouTube)