Google Docs Now Available As Android App

Google Docs Native Android App

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Docs is now available as an Android app, bringing together two of Google’s more high-profile projects in an acknowledgment that on mobile, it’s still an app-oriented world.

Frequent users of Google Docs will be able to view and edit documents and spreadsheets and share them with contacts in their phone, Google said in a blog post. Those with phones running Android 2.1 or later can also open documents from within Gmail and in an interesting twist, can create documents out of pictures taken by the phone’s camera, a quick and easy way to avoid hauling out the scanner. Google did have mobile Web technology that allowed you to make some changes to documents from a Web browser, and it appears the native app is a version of that.

Google is as big an evangelist of the Web and Web applications as it gets, but the mobile Web doesn’t have quite the same power as the PC-based Web that hosts Google Docs both for individuals and businesses that have signed deals with Google. For the moment the Google Docs app is an Android-only affair: no comparable iOS app exists and Google wouldn’t comment on whether or not it has an iOS version in the works.

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