Cord Cutters Day: Join Us Today for Meetups Everywhere


Happy Cord Cutters Day everyone! Today is the day we’re going to celebrate the pay TV-free lifestyle with meetups everywhere, and we’re inviting you to join us: GigaOM is hosting official Cord Cutters meetups in San FranciscoLos AngelesAustin, Texas; and Toronto, and community members have stepped up to organize their own gatherings in 18 other cities, including New York CityChicagoWashington, D.C.; and San Diego. Check our page to see whether there’s a meetup in your community as well.

We were also able to secure some giveaways, so you’ll be able to win an HD antenna or a Roku box just by attending. Meetups start at 6 p.m. local time. Check out our page for all the details, and please RSVP so that local meetup organizers know you’re coming. Also, tweet about it using the hash tag #CordCuttersDay — it’s not too late to spread the word!

We’d also love to see plenty of #CordCuttersDay tweets coming from each and every city tonight. And if you’re taking any photos, please send them to cordcutters @ so we can publish them here tomorrow.

We’d like to believe that cord cutting isn’t just about money, even though saving $80 on your cable bill is a nice thing too. But no, the decision to cut the cord also has to do with taking back your TV experience and making it your own with your personal choice of channels, gadgets and web sites. As Om said a while back:

“Whether it is the onslaught of new services (Hulu Plus), Netflix embedded in televisions and DVD players, briskly selling $99 Apple TV or growing interest in Roku and Boxee, these days cord cutters are a whole new demographic. Like me, they are foregoing their cable or satellite television subscriptions, and instead opting for broadband-delivered video, which they consume on their own terms, on devices of their own choosing and at a time of their convenience.”

Admittedly, some things require a little more work than your pay TV bundle, but cord cutters always seem to find a way. In short, being a cord cutter is about being creative and inventive, and the fact that our community has been able to set up that many meetups in just a few weeks is a testament to that spirit of creativity. Let’s celebrate it tonight!

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