Introducing Our New Feature ‘Social Standing’


Credit: Corbis / Victor Habbick Visions

Media companies these days are feverishly trying to use social media to reach new audiences, spark fresh conversations, build their brands. They point to their rising number of Facebook “Likes” and Twitter followers as evidence that they’re being held in high esteem in social-media and social-networking worlds.

But what are people actually saying about these companies on blogs and microblogs, and is it good or bad?

Starting today, we’ll provide insight into that question. In our new index called Social Standing, we asked the social-measurement company Trendrr to mine blog posts and tweets that mention top media and entertainment companies and brands to gauge the “sentiment” around those entities. Trendrr has assigned a real-time score, from zero to 100, to each company, and you can see how that score is changing daily, weekly and monthly. You can also click on any of the companies or brands to see specifically what people are saying about it.

Today, for example, you can see that Hulu is rising because of reports that it’s in talks to return its service to the PlayBook tablet. Facebook, meanwhile, is the top decliner, possibly because of some negative reaction to the launch of its new ‘Send’ button.

Check back daily to see who’s up and who’s down on our Social Standing. We hope you enjoy the new feature. As always, we welcome any feedback, good or bad.

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fred mullins

Kentucky is not exactly the hotbed for digital media, but we are going to turn some heads this winter with a new company…..MAXX MEDIA


 Colleen, talk to us at Quudos – we have the technology to identify and track sentiment via social networks with real-time reporting.

Colleen Newvine

What I would *love* as a product manager is a way to gauge the sentiment of what people are saying about my product on their Facebook walls — I know that borders on tapping private phone calls, and I’m not saying we should be able to eavesdrop, but that would be amazing.

Meantime, I look forward to reading this new feature.

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