Note-Taking Apps Evernote and Catch Get New Sharing Features

There have been some major updates to two of the heavy hitters in the note-taking app market: Evernote and Catch. Evernote has followed its updates to its iOS (s aapl), Windows (s msft) and web applications with a major update to its Android (s goog) app. The new Evernote for Android, version 3, includes document sharing tools that make it possible for web workers to use Evernote as a collaboration tool from their mobile device.

The new Android version lets users share documents and notebooks (groups of documents). Shared documents can be edited if both users are Premium subscribers, and Premium users can also view shared documents offline.

Evernote for Android now has the ability to share notes directly to Facebook, Twitter and other services. It has also added the ability to include map locations in notes (a feature that its competitor Catch has had for a while).

Evernote for Android’s interface has also been revamped, making it easier to navigate, while it also includes a more useful home screen widget. Evernote Premium users can now set up a PIN to lock the app. At over 3MB, the program is fairly large as Android apps go, but it can now be moved to an SD card.

Meanwhile, the note-taking alternative Catch, which I wrote about a few months ago, has added a new premium version that supports file attachments, including images, sound files, PDFs (s adbe), RTF files, and Word, Excel and PowerPoint (s msft) documents. It’s also added the ability to share notes via Facebook, Twitter and email, although Catch does not offer shared editing.

Both services are available in free and premium versions. Evernote Premium allows users to upload any file type up to 50MB in size, totaling up to 1GB per month, for $5 per month or $45 per year. For the same price, Catch Pro also allows uploading of 1GB per month.

I still find Evernote more compelling than Catch. And while the latter service’s simple interface will appeal to some, Evernote’s enhanced sharing capabilities will be helpful in many collaboration situations.