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Muzeit Turns Music Videos Into Love Letters

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Editing love letters with Muzeit.

Sometimes, a line of a song can express feelings better than the longest ramble. A new YouTube mashup called Muzeit takes this idea and runs with it, allowing users to express their feelings through clips from music videos hosted on the Google-owned (s GOOG) video site. Here is how it works:

Users can choose from a number of preselected and categorized videos on Muzeit to express their love with songs like Wouldn’t It Be Nice from the Beach Boys, say sorry with Back to December from Taylor Swift or convey optimism with Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry be Happy.

Once a song is selected, it has to be trimmed down to a snippet of 30 seconds or less. That snippet can then be posted to someone’s Facebook wall, shared via Twitter or sent via email. Check out this admittedly pretty unoriginal message I put together earlier today for an example on how it looks like if you share a link via email or Twitter. Snippet selections are automatically saved to Muzeit’s catalog of songs as well, so users who really don’t know what to say can just chose a preselected musical message.

Muzeit is itself the result of a romance, according to a blog post by its founder Omri Klinger. “I was dating a girl and we were texting each other. I found it hard to find the right words, so I thought maybe to quote something from a song,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first site that makes it possible to edit and curate YouTube videos based on YouTube’s API, but Muzeit’s take on musical messages is definitely charming. However, as with any music-related mashup, it also faces some content limitations. For example, VEVO has in the past decided to take its videos off the YouTube API, which would mean that Muzeit users could at any point lose the ability to convey their love through Lady Gaga’s music videos.

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