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Infographic: Mac Users Are Liberal, Vegetarian, City-Dwellers

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Join the Community! offers a great visual snapshot of Mac (s aapl) users and their PC counterparts over on the site’s blog Thursday. The personalized recommendation engine collected data from its users to paint a picture of the average Mac and PC person, and at least a good portion of the results are pretty much in keeping with prevailing stereotypes.

The infographic takes users who responded to the question “Are You a Mac Person or a PC Person?” and cross-references those responses with the answers from other questions taken from the question pool the site uses to inform its intelligent recommendations engine. Some key highlights:

  • Mac users are more likely to be young liberals who live in cities
  • Mac users are bigger partiers than PC users
  • Mac users are more likely to see themselves as unique, but also to see others as alike
  • PC users watch a lot of Leno, while Mac users like critical hits like Friday Night Lights (s cmcsa) (s ge)
Here’s the full infographic (click for a larger version). Let us know how you feel about the results. Speaking for myself, they hit the nail on the head.

24 Responses to “Infographic: Mac Users Are Liberal, Vegetarian, City-Dwellers”

  1. Hamranhansenhansen

    It’s in info graphic of cliches and bad statistics. You might as well have “if you play a Mac in Apple’s Get a Mac commercials, you are 66% more likely to be Justin Long,” because he was only the Mac in the US spots.

    I knew it was going to be bad as soon as it started with the 90/10 “worldwide market share.” What market? There is no market in which a Windows PC with average sales price of US$450 and a Mac with average sales price of $1250 compete. There is no market where the PC in your local bank machine competed with a Mac for that job. The implication here is consumer PC’s, a “person in the street” with their choice of computer. The only way to get any real information about that is to look at consumer PC markets, not just lump everything in the world that runs Windows plus some of the things that run OS X (Mac OS devices only) and pretend that is consumer PC’s. Like “low-end consumer PC: Windows 100%; Mac 0%” and “high-end consumer PC: Windows 9%; Mac 91%.” Now you see why Mac users are more educated or liberal than Windows users: it is because the more money you have, the more likely you are to be more educated or liberal and buy a high-end PC, and high-end PC’s are likely to be Macs because there is no high-end Windows operating system. Even the $399 version has viruses and poor security and hardware integration and lacks UNIX compatibility. It only just got an HTML5 browser a couple of months ago! Pretending that 100 people went into a store and 90 chose Windows because they prefer it and 10% chose Macs because they prefer it is incorrect.

    Based on this chart, if you asked Adobe, “what percentage of your software sales are Windows and what percentage Mac?” you would expect 90:10 Windows:Mac. But it is 50:50. Nobody buys Photoshop for a restaurant terminal or server farm.

    In a couple of years, when iPads are properly recognized as PC’s and are selling 200 million per year, this chart will look even more ridiculous. iPad is just Apple’s low-end consumer PC. It’s only as the iPad comes online that we see an accurate polling of both low-end and high-end consumer PC markets, with both a Windows and OS X device in both markets. In a couple of years, we could actually break down the entire consumer PC market, both low-end and high-end, and survey them to see why they prefer Windows or OS X, separate from plain old economic issues.

  2. Total rubbish, I use a Mac and PC and I am ultra Liberal and I hate parties, and I think I am so unique that the PC/Mac debate is total BS. I just think we spend too much time in our society categorizing individuals to accentuate their differences. I just think it is plain silly. BTW, I am using my Acer laptop to type this comment although I could have used my iMac.

  3. After buying a MBP, iPhone and Touch, I quickly found out that Jobs and Apple fanboys are mostly Progressives (aka Socialists). Not that I like Gates and MS either, but enough of a stigma to make me switch from my iPhone to Android and from Snow Leopard back to Win7.

    Insecure? Maybe. But my F430 or H3-45 make my statement better. If you don’t know what these are, Google is your friend.

  4. Racial profiling is illegal and wrong but Cultural profiling is valid enough to write this piece? You couldn’t BE more off the mark. The Steve and The Bill declared The War to be over >a decade ago but narrow minded people need to see everyone who shares an interest with them as being Just Like Them and just can’t let it go.

    They are not all alike. They are not just like YOU. You are neither a unique snowflake nor are you part of a Movement. You bought a product and you are sounding off like a fan-boi.. It’s not a philosophy and it’s not a religion.

    Chant the mantra with me now: “Correlation is not causation”

  5. Shock Me

    Another conservative Mac user here. Guess that makes me closet Dell user since that’s what my employer put on my desk. Now I can be honest with myself about my love of bacon cheeseburgers. I can haz?

  6. I’m a 55-year-old, rural, conservative, non-college grad, meat-eating, Coke drinking, tee-totalling, Hollywood film-loving, Moby Dick hating/Great Expectations loving Mac user for 17 years now. And I don’t think I’m all that unique.

  7. I scored 9 on PC side and 15 on Apple side (the others I didn’t care about so I didn’t count them). Definitely a PC person, and definitely think that many Apple people are snobby.

    I have to disagree with Jim who said, “I guess I would extend this to conclude that Mac users more or less know what deliverables they want to get out of the machine, and the tools (i.e. software) are kind of a secondary concern.” It is my opinion that a lot of Mac users use Macs because they are trendy and they want people to perceive them as cool.

    I am actually surprised to see that Apple people are 80% more likely to be vegetarian. I wonder how many of them drive Priuses too :) (For the record I am a non-Prius driving vegetarian!)

  8. Yay! I break the trend. I am a “mac person,” (mostly…) but I:
    – am conservative
    – don’t throw parties
    – say people look different
    – hate impressionist art
    – wear casual trending towards jeans
    – would rather ride a Harley
    – snack on something sweet
    – definitely not a vegetarian
    – prefer Pepsi (Coke really, but same thing)
    – prefer Tuna Fish, Hero, and Patty Melts
    – like South Park
    – prefer Hollywood films
    – like ICHS
    and finally,
    – love Syfy, History, and USA

    The ones I skipped I have no preference for or do follow the mac trend.

    In summary, this is a crappy “study.”

  9. I’m a carnivorous mac user living in rural Tennessee, I’ve also voted for Dole, two times for Bush and for McCain, though I’d prefer Ron Paul. I do like Hummous and Tofu is that counts for anything, though I must say Tofu like everything else is better with a little bacon on top.

  10. Michael Emery

    I’m a Mac person. Some of the Mac “traits” in this survey are correct for me, some are not. I was disappointed at how badly this survey missed a great opportunity to do a real comparison, instead, they have chosen to reword every comparison in such a way as to show an obvious bias and a clear desire to see themselves (other Mac people) as super fabulous and socially superior. Not surprising that so many PC people think we suck.

  11. As a former windows gear-head (network administrator, programmer and Access developer) turned Mac user, I would tend to agree that Mac users are a little more adventurous. You kind of have to be to throw in your lot with an OS with 10% market share. Or thereabouts. I guess I would extend this to conclude that Mac users more or less know what deliverables they want to get out of the machine, and the tools (i.e. software) are kind of a secondary concern. Whereas Windows users frequently talk about all the great software they can run. Well, great software is terrific, but it doesn’t create content for you.

    I mean, to me, Mac is kind of like Linux for people who don’t want the hassle of dealing with the OS that much. It’s a tool you can use.

    • This is about the most flimsy logic along with broad sweeping generalizations I’ve seen today. What you really mean is mac users tend to be brainwashed to always know that if they want to edit a video, they, like sheep, should follow each other to edit that video or create that web page… Even though equally good tools are more prevalent under windows. And while great software doesn’t create content for you by itself, that’s also true under mac. But in a way, it does create content if it’s output happens to help you set up what you want in a video or web page. And most mac users are very generically copying each other when they create videos by using the same backgrounds, same free art, same music. They are basically, mostly very young, wannabes that tend not to be all that original. An original person would say, “Hey, I can figure out how to get a professional result under windows even though the other sheep use macs”.

  12. Heather

    Curious how many of these answers are related to income? This is more about how much you’re willing to spend on “things” – and then identify yourself with those “things”.

    How did the “Neither” people skew?

  13. “takes users who responded to the question “Are You a Mac Person or a PC Person?” and cross-references those responses with the answers from other questions taken from the question pool the site uses to inform its intelligent recommendations engine.” Wait a minute. From the text of the article and from the infographic itself, I get the impression that these generalities are based NOT on answers given by self-identified PC or Mac people, but from some broader cache of questions and answers in Hunch’s database. How do they then make the PC person/Mac Person correlation?

    • Mark Lambert

      +1… Glad someone else noticed this. My advice to others, before jumping to either “defend” or “dispute” this “research”, question its basic validity first.

      As usual, more garbage “click grabbing” headlines from the increasingly useless blogosphere. Nice to see that the blogs are moving quickly to fully emulate the traditional media outlets they are claiming to be an improvement on – “articles” like this are the absolute equivalent of “if it bleeds, it leads”

      As with most junk data surveys, this tiny sampling of self selecting folks who feel strongly enough about a pretty ridiculous topic to *actually respond*, indicates very little about anything. In this particular case, it is further muddied by the fact that it is impossible to follow just what the heck is even being measured!

      So a bunch of loons who JUMP to respond to “are you an MAC or a PC?!” then have their OTHER postings somehow “analyzed” in an attempt to draw a “demographic” analysis? And all of this is based on a group of folks who vocally post on a forum under an alias (since there is no real identity verification on forums)? Yeah, that sounds like quality data to draw conclusions from to me!

      There are almost a billion “PCs” on earth. There are tens of millions of Macs and IOS devices. I’m going to go out on a limb here, use my OWN “powerful data cross referencing algorithm”, that I have named C-MON 5-EN5E, and guest that within these two MASSIVE groups there are a BROAD spectrum of people. Thats just, you know, if you’re more interested in reality than a sample of a few hundred web forum junkies.

  14. Not really that close for me… I’m a total Mac person, but I’m very conservative, hate going to the city, and am certainly not a vegetarian. But that’s just me.

      • Give me a steak, a Diet Coke (or a dark beer when appropriate), because I am a conservative, Bible-believing, suburban Mac fan who is also a Mac indie developer on the side…

        The Mac transcends political leanings and dietary preferences, but the perhaps the results have something to do with those that have time to fill out such surveys.