Meet The Spotify Car, Six Months Free


It was only seven days ago Forrester research director Mark Mulligan postulated: “Imagine how tiny a fraction of a three-year Spotify premium subscription would be as part of a new car sale.” Well, that’s now actually happening…

In a marketing partnership with Spotify and Samsung, car-maker Seat in Spain is giving away a Galaxy Mini handset and a six-month premium subscription to the music service with its €11,600 new Ibiza model that’s named the “Seat Ibiza Spotify” (yes, the logo is even on the auto’s rear)…

It’s a mutual-gain partnership – Spotify and Samsung get their brand names out there, while Seat carries on pitching the Ibiza at young drivers (ie. music buyers) and likely takes the marketing spend itself. The deal was spotted on advertising hoardings at the biggest soccer game in Spain’s calendar on Wednesday.

The shame about Spotify is that it hasn’t managed to do any real bundled-billing deals beyond TeliaSonera and 3 UK. Deals with broadband ISPs have proved elusive. Could high-end goods be more fertile ground? Maybe not – this limited subscription offering with Seat is about branding, not a real bundled service offering.

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