Watch A Server Get Dunked In Oil

For years, a group of hardcore computer enthusiasts called overclockers have been submerging their computer hardware in water, oil and other fluids in order to cool the gear in a more efficient manner. Liquids are better at transferring heat than air. Nowadays, as data center operators are looking at the costs it takes to provide energy for the cooling of their data centers — up to half of the energy consumption of a data center comes from cooling — a couple startups have emerged with innovative solutions around liquid-cooled servers.

One of those is Green Revolution Cooling, which sells a product called CarnoJet that submerges servers in mineral oil. Green Revolution Cooling’s co-founder Mark Tlapak sent me over this video (below) of the mineral oil set up. While one of the big issues with liquid-cooled servers has been that companies have been worried about server warranties, Green Revolution Cooling says it has alleviated some of this concern by partnering with warranty support company Signature Technology Group.