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Video: Real Racing 2 HD Now Does 1080p Output On iPad 2

Real Racing 2 HD previewed 1080p output from the iPad 2 back in March, but now the update is available and it is indeed as awesome as it looks, I can tell you from experience. The update provides a true two-screen experience across menus and in-game, and really shows what the iPad 2 is capable of in terms of becoming a force in living room gaming.

I won’t go into much detail describing how it works, instead check out the video below of me actually playing the game on my 40-inch Samsung LCD:

5 Responses to “Video: Real Racing 2 HD Now Does 1080p Output On iPad 2”

  1. Monarky

    Impressive…. but far from revolutionary. You have to run a cable with an adapter and the frame rate is not anything to brag about. But Apple could be limiting FPS to save battery life on the iPad (like Samsung is doing with Galaxy SII and Tab). I’m not knocking iPad users, but it seems to me Apple could have easily included full high speed Dual Band (2.4/5.0ghz) WiFi Direct (device to device w/o router) and DLNA support. Then you could have streamed it wirelessly to your computer, HDTV, PS3, Xbox360, etc. On Android streaming HD Video and Games at 1080p has never been a problem and on Samsung’s Galaxy SII and Tab 2 we’ve got Quad Core GPU. So we can even stream this in Stereoscopic 3D (dual screen field every frames) at 60fps which is actually capable of over 140fps on games like this!

    Just saying Apple holds back features that infringe on it’s profit margins. That only benefit share holders…. not customers. You are all going to be wanting FLASH 11 (even Mac owners are loving it’s potential) 3D Molehill API’s enabling game play cross platform and cross OS even. No doubt that a FLASH Revolution is on the way and all you Apple fans will be missing out!!!

    • Harish

      @Monarky, Apple aims to provide an overall customer satisfaction and usability. Ipads and Iphones provide users what they want and what they would like to do with them but not like a bunch of other Android crap tablets which will drain the battery life in an hour or be dead in no time. First of all, IOS is simple, elegant and is perfect to its minute detail. It has got lot of potential (see jailbreaking videos on youtube) but Apple restricted its features to prevent unauthorized and misuse of the software which may degrade the device`s performance. The multi-touch, page rendering, simplicity, App ecosystem of IOS is unbeatable unlike any other platforms out there. Just having a bunch of steroid driven hardware specs is not enough for any device. There should be a synch and collaboration between software and hardware and Apple proves it. And thereby proves the sales of Apple devices…!

  2. I can see the next gen Apple TV being a great games console via downloadable apps. Use an ipod touch / iphone / ipad to control – or turn the slim apple remote into a simple game pad. A serious threat to Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo.